Sarasota Ranked # 1 in USA For Well-Being

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The Sarasota Area ranks as number 1 in the country for well-being


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In a recent poll by the Gallup polling company and Healthways, a research company that specializes in health data, the Sarasota-Bradenton-North Port metropolitan area was ranked as Number One in the entire country for well-being.  The 100 largest metropolitan areas in the country were surveyed.  The results were based on five areas of well-being:  Physical, Social, Financial, Community and Purpose.

The results were based on 15 minute interviews with 450 residents who were asked 55 questions.  According to the results, Sarasota residents generally eat more vegetables and health food (no wonder the popularity of Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Trader Joes here!), smoke less than the country’s population, feel financially more secure and spend more time with socializing and goodwill.  Sarasota ranked higher than any other area in the country!

Sarasota also ranked 10th in the country for the number of people who feel good about their appearance and exercise more.  With all of the opportunities for outdoor activities including water sports, biking, hiking, running and so on this is no surprise.

Researchers found that people living in high-ranking areas like Sarasota are less likely to have problems with obesity, suffer fewer health related problems and feel safe about where they live.

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