Tragedy Leads To Second Life For Sherry Swift

With a new book and a thriving coaching business, Sherry Swift has overcome the tragic loss of her parents.

Sherry Swift is one of those few people you meet who will inspire you almost immediately.  The founder of Swift Transitions has a desire to help people grow and achieve incredible success even while facing seemingly overwhelming challenges.

Swift is a recognized author, leadership and performance coach who travels the country working with real estate clients and beyond.  And she has certainly “walked the walk” when it comes to overcoming obstacles and bringing real change to her life. Having undergone a major transformation, Swift wrote her first book, Grow Into Yourself to inspire others.

The National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP) member has essentially lived two lives.  The first was as the youngest of four kids growing up in Pontiac, Michigan, the product of a stereotypical home of loving parents who were married for 40 years. But all of that changed in a flash when her father, who was silently dealing with a brain tumor, killed her mom and then passed away three days later.

Amazingly, Swift believes that is when her life truly began.  But it was not without ups and downs.  Just six months following the loss of her parents, Swift married and eventually had three kids. But she never quite was emotionally fulfilled and ended the marriage after 15 years.

Also looking for more in her professional life, Swift left a marketing position to earn her real estate license for the sole purpose of gaining access to the MLS for investment opportunities.  As her personal journey continued, Swift found she enjoyed the real estate business, decided to become an agent and succeeded with local firm Real Estate One before joining Keller Williams as a Team Leader.

Not only did the Keller Williams position allow her to grow professionally, but it was there that she met and began dating her future wife Tina who today runs the operations of Swift Transitions.

Swift realized that while she enjoyed and succeeded in the recruiting work her job required, she found the greatest pleasure in coaching her agents and providing them with the accountability they needed to succeed.  She then went out on her own and started Swift Transitions.

Swift shows us how tragedy and obstacles can be overcome and success is ultimately up to us.