Torey Carrick is a Crossover Star

There are more than 80,000 pharmaceutical sales reps in the U.S. but only a few have migrated to real estate. Torey Carrick is one of them.

If Steve Harvey asked for top sales jobs on Family Feud, “real estate” and “pharmaceutical” would be on the board.

Yet how many agents do you know who have actually worked in both?

Torey Carrick, who today is the President of the Anderson Real Estate Group, a 30-person team with Keller Williams in Long Beach, California, has done just that.

Recruited out of USC’s Marshall School of Business by Eli Lilly, Carrick went on a fast-track rise in pharma.  He started in Beverly Hills selling men’s and women’s health, neuroscience and oncology products before being promoted three years later to the company’s headquarters in Indianapolis.

He was a corporate trainer there for three more years before being  promoted at 26 to run a 12-person underperforming district in Long Beach. He had great success during his four years as a manager, eventually growing the unit to one of the top performers in the country.

He eventually decided to join his husband Jeff in real estate and today the two lead a team that produced 250 units in 2016 with a sales volume of $123 million ranking it 38th out of 8,500 Keller Williams’ teams.

He brought with him a leadership style taught by Eli Lilly, a belief in “servant leadership.” The concept is relatively simple.  A leader should care for the team and have relationships with each member. In turn, team members are happier and inspired to perform at peak levels while their support of the leader becomes strong.

Carrick employs several other aspects of his Eli Lilly training in real estate including a desire to understand what motivates each team member. Carrick was taught that if you can understand a person’s “why,” you can meet their needs and help them break through obstacles to achieve their goals.

He also believes in over-communication, another Eli Lilly trademark. As an agent, he found that by being a proactive communicator he took the “driver’s seat: and quickly gained the trust of his clients.  He teaches that same approach to his team members.

Carrick gave up the company car, cell phone, incentive trips and steady pay for the entrepreneurial circus of real estate. And he has never looked back.

Considering that he earned one of Eli Lilly’s top awards out of 30,000 employees and has found incredible success in real estate, maybe the Steve Harvey might have another Family Feud question –  “Name a great top salesperson….”

And Torey Carrick would definitely be on the board!