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In a world that’s increasingly embracing diversity and inclusion, finding a safe and supportive environment to buy or sell a home is paramount for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies. That’s where comes into play. Established in 2004, this invaluable LGBTQ+ real estate agent directory has garnered attention and accolades over the years, making it an essential resource for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community looking to find a new home or sell their current one.

Featured in Many Online Articles: has gained widespread recognition and trust within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. Numerous online articles have featured and praised the directory for its commitment to LGBTQ+ fair housing and its role in helping LGBTQ+ individuals and allies navigate the real estate market. Here’s a sample of a 2004 article highlighting the significance of

December 18, 2004: Washington Post – Gay-Friendly Agents Find Web Niche

December 26, 2004: Chicago Tribune – Entrepreneurs Reaching Realty Niches Through the Net

Benefits for LGBTQ+ Home Buyers and Sellers:
Safe and Inclusive Environment: offers a safe and inclusive space where LGBTQ+ individuals and allies can connect with real estate professionals who understand their unique needs and concerns. It eliminates the fear of discrimination or discomfort during the home buying or selling process.

Expertise in LGBTQ+ Issues: The real estate agents listed on are well-versed in LGBTQ+ issues and are committed to LGBTQ+ fair housing practices. They can provide guidance on LGBTQ+ neighborhoods, legal protections, and other crucial considerations.

Access to Local LGBTQ+ Communities: These agents often have strong ties to local LGBTQ+ communities, ensuring that homebuyers find not only a new house but also a welcoming neighborhood and support network.

Navigating Legal Protections: LGBTQ+ individuals may face legal challenges when it comes to real estate transactions. Agents on can help clients navigate these complexities and ensure a smooth process.

Benefits for Other Realtors:
Expanding Client Base: Realtors who are allies of the LGBTQ+ community can benefit from joining By listing their services on this directory, they gain access to a diverse and inclusive clientele, broadening their market reach.

Cultural Competence: Realtors can use this platform to enhance their cultural competence, ensuring they can serve LGBTQ+ clients effectively. This knowledge can be applied to all aspects of their business, making them more inclusive professionals.

Commitment to Fair Housing: Being a part of demonstrates a commitment to LGBTQ+ fair housing practices. It reflects positively on the realtor’s dedication to inclusivity and diversity in the real estate industry.

Conclusion: has played a pivotal role in fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment in the real estate industry for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies since its establishment in 2004. With a wealth of online articles recognizing its importance, this LGBTQ+ real estate agent directory continues to serve as an invaluable resource for those seeking LGBTQ+ friendly real estate professionals. Whether you’re a homebuyer or seller in the LGBTQ+ community or an ally in the real estate field, is your go-to platform for ensuring LGBTQ+ fair housing and finding your new home in a supportive environment.

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