Review for Alex Tooke by Rich M

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Alex had all the basics down (comps, key features, right target market for the house, etc.) – but so did most of the realtors we talked with. What set Alex apart was his innovative approach to technology and social media.

– In addition to MLS listings, Trulia, Zillow, etc., Alex set up a unique microsite for our house to really feature it.
– Alex used Facebook, Twitter and other social media to promote our house, the open house we had and the listing
– Alex took the time to understand the finishes we had put into the house and created “call outs” often with QR Codes placed around the house to give potential buyers additional information about features
– He made our open house an “event” that drew the right type of buyers and agents
– Alex was quick with feedback from viewing agents (both good and bad) which helped us stay on top of things

Overall, Alex had a unique skillset for getting the word out

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