Review for Anna Savitsky by Joseph A

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Anna goes above and beyond in this industry. We were first time home buyers when we met Anna. We didn’t know much about the process. Not only was Anna extremely knowledgeable, but she explained each aspect very well along the way. Anna gave us different options to think about in each situation. This lead to us making smart and informed decisions. Anna has the experience to lead you in the right direction during this process. She knows when a good opportunity is available and she also knows when the buyer/seller is being taken advantage of – she will make sure you are not being wronged. You definitely want Anna on your side when buying a home! Something extremely important to note – in the home buying process, there were a few actions that developed which required very prompt responses. Sometimes we needed advice or guidance in these areas. Anna was available each time to help us even after normal business hours to make sure we were not alone. Anna truly cared. We got the home we wanted in the best way possible through Anna’s help!

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