Review for Caitlin Jones by Doug F

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I was referred to Caitlin by a coworker and I am SO GLAD to have received that referral. I was in my first home for 15 years and it was time to upgrade. I had so many questions about what I needed to do to get my home ready to sell. I thought I was going to need spend a bunch of money to get the house ready to sell and she advised me that my home only needed minimal things corrected which saved me a bunch of money I was planning on spending. She absolutely knew what she was talking about because I received multiple offers over asking price! Even after my appraisal came back lower than what I needed, she still was able to negotiate asking price!!!

Caitlin also helped with the purchase of my new home. I did most of the research myself because I was super picky and didn’t want to waste her time even though she insisted she would love to help. 🙂 We found the house that was right for us and she worked miracles getting everything I asked for! She even helped me obtain pre-occupancy since my mortgage company was so backed up.

Not only was she a great realtor, I’ve made a great friend. Caitlin is a compassionate human being and is there for the long haul. She offers continued valuable advice about current market conditions, insurance tips, house tips and every so often she surprises us was cute little gifts.

Caitlin will be my realtor for life! Thank you Caitlin for everything!!!