Review for CJ Brasiel by Erik G

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Working with CJ was an absolute dream for this first-time home buyer. Being completely clueless with the process, I selected an agent based on a search of local LGBT realtors and was impressed by CJ’s online presence. It turned out to be the right decision – CJ took just the right approach of hand-holding but also making me feel completely in control. CJ had access to a wealth of knowledge, especially as a resident of the San Jose area, and after driving me around a few times, she really got a sense of me as a person and was able to suggest the home I eventually bought. When negotiating, she had personal relationships with many of the other realtors, and so was able to give me fast responses and personal insights to what may be the best negotiation strategy. She had a ton of information about the whole process that she emailed – but was also very willing to talk to me via phone or text to shift through the information overload and to focus on the important aspects.

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