Review for CJ Brasiel by Patricia D

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My partner and I first met with CJ at a local coffee shop to see if we would be a good fit. We were really impressed with CJ’s experience and knowledge base, but most importantly, we noticed that she really listened to both of us. Because we have different styles of communication, it can be easy for people to choose one or the other of us. She did not do this, and both of us left feeling like she understood our needs.
CJ worked really hard for us. Her home base is San Jose, and we spent a good amount of time looking in San Jose. We also had decided that we wanted to look in Boulder Creek/Felton, and she actually did some research in that area to better serve us. There were a few trips up some tricky winding roads that we still laugh about. She is very smart, and is able to talk about structural elements of foundations and roofs in addition to style and design. We did not find the same was true of other agents that we talked to! She was open to our multiple changes of mind an

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