Review for Holly Kimsey Evans by Randy P

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Holly reached out to me in response to my initial queries on Zillow, along with at least 5 other realtors. Holly’s punctuality in contacting me (as soon as she returned from her vacation), her friendliness and easy-going approach had me sold from the onset. She was always prompt and professional; and, when I described the area where I wanted to live and what I wanted in a house, she prepared a very comprehensive array of choices across the spectrum of my price range and requirements. She had everything displayed on a large screen in a conference room at Keller WIlliams; and, with swift efficiency, we narrowed our search before leaving the office. Not only had she selected appropriate houses, but she made pre-arrangements for showing them to me. Holly answered the many questions that I had about Charlotte, the area that I was considering as well as explaining the intracacies of the purchasing process with clarity and honesty. She was forthcoming with the details of the sale and offered a very objective assessment of the property. What I appreciated most was the fact that I never felt like she was ‘selling’ me on anything. It seemed more like two new acquaintances driving around various Charlotte neighborhoods while discussing property considerations, best practices and even a litte of our life adventures. The closing on the house was so prompt and seamless and I was very pleased with the mortgage broker that she referred me to. I was treated to a lovely wine and fruit basket at the closing and two wonderful Client Appreciation Events, one in Holly’s home and the other at a Knights baseball game a number of months after the closing. Also, Holly and her team at Keller Williams have responded in a very helpful manner to a number of questions that have arisen after the purchase of my house. All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend Holly to any family member, friend or new acquaintance. And, to be honest, I make it a habit to mention her to anyone that I meet who is new to Charlotte. To me the words that best describe Holly are warm, friendly, calm and unwaveringly honest! Sounds more like a friend than a realtor, right?

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