Review for Jamila Minnis by Kim W

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Jamis is THE best agent out there! My partner and I were first time homebuyers, which can be confusing and stressful in a “normal” market but even more so with how the housing market right now. Jamis was so patient with us and never gave up. She put up with all of our questions–and we had A LOT (again, first time homebuyer here). We had been actively looking for over 7 months, viewed several places, made a few offers and then the right place came along when we were ready to give up. She really listens to the clients’ needs and knows what they want. She’s always got your back and wont try to pressure you in to anything that doesn’t feel right. I can guarantee if you choose Jamis as your agent you’ll not only get into a new home but gain a lifelong friend.

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