Review for Jason Berger, P.A. by Eric K

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Jason came referred to me by my Fathers Estate Atty to sell his condo being that I’m residing in NY and needed someone local to handle things
My fathers passing away which in itself was very emotional and sad to reflect on all the memories of coming to visit him there for many many years
Jason was extremely thoughtful understanding as well as extremely informative and well prepared in his approach to placing it on the market
He took a lot of time in investing himself in the process both personally and professionally and continually provided updates and input to keep us informed of everything
I have been a Real Estate Broker for 40 years in New York and with having dealt with hundreds of other Brokers I have to say that Jason is one of the Best I’ve ever come across with his honesty, thorough understanding of the market and diligence and trusting him with this entire process became apparent from the beginning
I would absolutely hands down recommend that you don’t even bother to interview anyone else to handle any transaction you may be considering and just hire him to take care of things.

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