Review for Jenny Pham by Chad L

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During our search for the home we would love, our realtors, Jenny Pham and Jordan Chow went above and beyond to make sure we were getting the home we’d be pleased with. From the countless open houses, and what seemed to be endless nights of bouncing off ideas, they showed not only the professionalism that a company could be proud of, but you could tell that they wanted to love the place we decided on as much as we did. An example was a place that we had wanted and felt we would love, ended up being something after looking back at now, we would be dreading to be living in. The parking space was too small for an average vehicle, and there were areas in the inspection of the home that was pointed out by their team, that I felt we could live with, were things that could be a massive headache for us down the line. They absolutely did the right decision to advise us to stay from something that may have looked good to the naked eye, but a trained professional was able to spot out. Someo

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