Review for Keith Kropp by JOSEPH AND STEVEN L

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Moving down to Florida from New York became a reality much sooner than expected. We had no time to figure out what we were exactly looking for in a home…let alone where we wanted that home to be. We were fortunate to stumble upon Keith’s contact info. We flew down several times…often for only a day at a time. Keith and Wayne were able to make the search effortless. They remained focused and professional every step of the way. Our only requirements were a two car garage and a pool. Of course…we ended up falling for a beautiful house with a one car garage, and no pool…yet. We’ve already turned it into a home. We are truly grateful for their undying energy and commitment in assuring every step of the process was effortless. They seemed to continually go above and beyond…and we felt like we were very special clients…but in reality…it’s probably how they treat everyone. We highly recommend their services. Thank you Keith, and Wayne.

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