Review for Kenneth T (Ken) Calhoun PA by Steve B

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If you want to cut to the chase, find what you want that is within your budget and have fun doing it.. call Ken. On two separate referrals by both a conservative friends and very liberal, Ken was the guy. I made a specific trip to the area and Ken blocked out 3 days for our search. After online reviews… final selections were visited (15 houses) if not more. Nothing was too my liking and was ready to head home. Except the last one. Perfect to say the least. Put in a strategic but firm offer and got it!! On my closing, I had airline issues and was 3 hours late.. with Ken’s connections we were still able to close after 6:00pm! Ken was instrumental in securing all insurances, lawyers and post closing needs like contractors, landscapers etc.. Couldn’t be happier.. Jeremy, his associate, is as top notch as well and was there to assist when and if Ken wasn’t. Thanks men!! oh btw.. and you get cookies when your close!! 🙂

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