Review for Mark Keppy by Jennifer W

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When I was in the market for a new home, I immediately turned to Mark Keppy a second time (he helped me purchase my first home). I did so because Mark is unparalleled in his knowledge of Chicago, property values, property quality and craftmanship. Not only is Mark exceptionally responsive, he is extremely personable, candid and straightforward, as well as very attentive to the needs of his clients concerning what they may need or want in a property. I also benefited from his advise when I was a first time home buyer, and I continued to learn immensely from him the second time aroung. I will always and forever turn to Mark when I need an agent in Chicago, and I will not hesitate to call upon him with questions about the market or my home should that need arise: I know he will promptly, and warmly, respond with his expertise. I trust he will share his honest advise, and that he will do so in good faith and good cheer. I recommend Mark Keppy without reservation, and I urge you too to contact Mark if you are looking to work with a real pro, and a true gentleman professional.

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