Review for Melissa Hastings by Meg L

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Decided to find a realtor on your site as my partner and I wanted to move to Florida. I saw Melissa and just reached out to her. I swear 5 minutes later she contacted me! We just connected from the get go, in no time she was showing us homes via her videos then in person when we visited FL. We knew with today’s crazy market we would be spending over asking and prepared ourselves for this. Melissa was as good as gold! She showed us houses we asked to see and one day a house she felt was perfect for us. We fell in love with that house, later submitting an offer without over bidding and WITH an inspection. A day later we were in contract for our Florida dream home thanks to Melissa’s expertise. The appraisal gave us 15K in equity right off the bat! Melissa was always just a phone call or text away or checking in with us. She is always ON, skilled, thoughtful, and certainly the best realtor in central Florida! Melissa is truly an authentic human and goes the distance for her clients!