Review for Michael Abrams by Cat L

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If I had one thing to say about Mikey Abrams’ realtor style, it’s “above and beyond.” He is so conscientious and dedicated; you will not find a more ethical and trustworthy partner to work with. He literally will point out problems with houses so you’re fully aware before you make such a huge decision. He wants you to be deliriously happy when you move into your new home, and he knows that breezing over potential issues is not the way to get there. He is also very responsive. You are never going to sit there and wonder what work he’s doing for you at this critical time: buying or selling a home (or both!). Lastly, he’s fun, y’all. Like really really fun. So fun you may find yourselves wanting to invite him to all of your parties. Hire Mikey, people. You will not be disappointed!!

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