Review for Michael Pallares by Rachael R

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Michael is not simply a good realtor, he is the absolute best you can find. He helped us navigate a fiercely competitive market with creative strategies for negotiation. He knows the market, he knows his trade and he knows how to work with people.

Michael is also incredibly attentive and responded to all our calls, emails and questions almost immediately. I know he has many clients but it always felt like we were his primary focus. Furthermore, he was able to maintain good relationships with all the other players in the game – the sellers’ realtor, the lenders and legal team.

Michael is very organized and in turn helped us be organized and prepared as we geared up to buy our first home. He anticipated problems and made sure we avoided pitfalls.

I know that without Michael we would not have found a home so quickly and the trajectory wouldn’t have felt so smooth and easy (and even fun!).

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