Review for Randy Carvalho by Joseph G

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My husband and I were living in the Bay Area, and looking to buy our first home in the Mountain House/Tracy area. I was a bit apprehensive of contacting just any stranger, especially in a more rural area, so I did some research online to see if I could find an LGBT realtor. Luckily for me, I found NAGLREP. I saw Randy Carvalho’s profile and decided to give him a call. I contacted Randy in late 2012, we were not yet ready to buy a home but had many questions, being first time buyers, that the books we bought couldn’t answer. He was patient, insightful, and had a wealth of advice to share with some things that we could do to get prepared to get into the market. He wasn’t pushy at all, and took a lot of time with me instead of rushing to be rid of someone who obviously wasn’t 100% ready. A bit ahead of schedule, we had a few bills paid off and had saved up a bit of money, so I again contacted Randy in May of 2013 and we began to work together and had a great experience.

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