Review for Robert White by Charlene M

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Rob White is more than a realtor, he’s a matchmaker: of SoCal neophytes to their first luxury homes, of divorcees to oceanfront bachelor pads, and of the OC in-crowd to that OhMahGawd view they’ve been searching for…and that’s all before brunch. When you first meet Rob, with not a hair out of place and a twinkle in his eye, you’d be silly to underestimate him. Beneath that million dollar smile is a realtor who anticipates the moves of buyers and sellers with a sixth sense. His work style is as meticulous as the fold in his pocket square. Your calls and texts are answered with lightning speed- no being sent to voicemail. Once you are on Rob’s exclusive client roster, you’re top priority at all times. And with good reason- First Team is the exclusive OC affiliate of Christies International Real Estate. That means unrivaled access to Orange County’s absolute best buyers and sellers. Can you say in crowd? Any questions you may have, Mr. White doesn’t just have the answers, he’s got data. Selling? Rob’s secret weapon is his keen perception of market whitespace- where can your home occupy that little something luscious that leaps off the page and makes that perfect match. What you think is your home’s biggest selling point may be just the thing in need of an upgrade. He’ll show you how to invest in your property with laser precision to affect sell price. Buying? Need to know if the architectural juice is worth the squeeze? Like the water feature you *think* you can’t live without in a new home? He’s got news- and scoop!- for you about how these elements in a home affect future resell value or are eligible for a super secret tax credit. If you want a real estate agent you’d trust to take through the entirety of this otherwise stressful process, then still love him enough to get a (craft) cocktail with after the closing, honey your search is over. I can’t live without Rob White. You won’t be able to either.