Review for Stephen Nikkola (RA) by Frances W

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“Steve is one of those “what you see, is what you get” kind of person. We belong to the same church and I’ve always liked Steve’s demeanor, humor, actions, articulated beliefs, and general kindness. So, when a fellow member told me that Steve was a realtor, I made it a point to pester him about finding out what might be possible options for my needs and wants. As far as I could tell, Steve treats everyone with the same professionalism and kindness and didn’t reserve these traits just for me as a client.

I have been particularly busy lately both professionally and personally. Even in the best of circumstances, I am not a person who likes this kind of activity (house hunting) or financial details (everything that happens after finding the “right” place). But, under high stress, I’m even more scattered brained about such matters. Steve quite simply took care of everything that I had absolutely no bandwidth for. I had every confidence in his expertise and with the assistance of ever ca

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