Review for Steven Henry by Meewa M

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We met Steve because we used to rent from him, and he was such an amazing landlord – proactive and responsive with lots of little nice personal touches – so we knew exactly who to call when we were ready to start looking for a home. As first time home buyers, we were pretty clueless about the process but Steve was very patient with us and took the time to explain everything. He is incredibly knowledgeable about all the phases of homebuying, different programs available, and he has great contacts for inspectors, lenders, etc. if you want recommendations. Steve has such a great eye for seeing the potential of a place but was also honest with us when it was time to walk away from something that wasn’t in our manageable interests. I can’t recommend him enough, Steven Henry is hands down the BEST agent we ever could have asked for, and we are so happy with our new home!

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