Review for Terry Upshur by Rick D

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Terry helped me close my recent home purchase in the Germantown area and he could not have been more professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Philly is a city of a multitude of neighborhoods with microcosms of cultural identity unique to each. Being new to the city and a minority myself it was so refreshing to get Terry’s input and guidance on the variety and culture of each area from his perspective as a minority and young business professional. There are plenty of good real estate agents around but getting that viewpoint was critical for me to understand my new city. The home I ultimately purchased was a challenging “for sale by owner” transaction. There were pitfalls and various little nuances that Terry was so versed in working through and keeping an eye on. He negotiated and worked with the seller on my behalf like it was HIS own home purchase . Every step of the way I was confident Terry was looking out for me to ensure not just a successful transaction but that I would be poised moving forward to enjoy my new home without worry. To top it all off Terry is just such a nice genuine person. He stopped by and gave me a beautiful card on closing. I was sincerely touched. So please do consider Terry to help with your real estate needs. He was above board, honest, direct, and handled everything with utmost professionalism. And he is a wonderful person I would consider to be a friend now and not just real estate professional.

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