Review for W. Reams Daugherty by Sarah H

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Reams is a fabulous realtor–professional, approachable and accessible. He made our family’s transition from Texas to Minnesota run so smoothly. Coming from out of state, we relied on Reams’ local knowledge of the market and the community to guide us through the process of purchasing a new home. Every step of the way, Reams was there to support us. While we were touring homes, he pointed out helpful information (both pros and cons) about each house–things that they typical home buyer may not even notice. His insights were extremely useful in helping us narrow our search. Reams was patient as we deliberated about each property and took our time walking through them. Once we had decided on the right home for us, Reams continued to be a tremendous resource. We were not in Rochester, yet, so Reams met contractors, inspectors, and other professionals at the property. He also checked up on details of work that had been scheduled, making sure that the sellers had followed through with their

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