Review for Herman Chan by Linda G

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I have worked with Herman on three deals now since 2007. My fiance and I were first-time home buyers and therefore knew almost nothing about buying. Herman held our hands through the entire process–we felt very taken care of. He read everything (and there was A LOT of paperwork) before sending them on to us to read and sign, and recommended a really nice mortgage officer for us to work with. When we had what were probably stupid questions he never made us feel stupid…and answered us very quickly.

So of course when we bought our second home, and sold the first home, we went back to him. While we were in the process of buying our house it rained a lot that winter and he went to check up on the house to make sure it wasn’t leaking anywhere. He did that of his own volition–we didn’t even think to check that!

Also, when we sold the first home he knew exactly when to put it on the market and what to price it at to garner the most interest.

I highly recommend Herman and will definitely go to him again.

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