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Gold 1st year $149
Gold renewal $249
Platinum 1st year $299
Platinum renewal $399


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*GayRealtyNet will place your membership on for a 1 year term (365 days)

*The first year introductory membership rate for Gold membership is $149 and the annual renewal rate for Gold membership is $249. The 1st year introductory rate for Platinum membership is $299 and the annual renewal rate for Platinum membership is $399.

*All membership dues will automatically renew at the above schedule upon expiration unless you notify in writing to cancel before expiration.

*To cancel any membership renewal before expiration, simply email to and include a letter of cancellation. Cancellation letters of membership must include your name, and state. will reply to your email in writing confirming your membership will not renew.

*All membership sales are final.

*The charge will appear on your credit card billing statement as "SUBURBAN MARKETING".

By submitting your membership, you agree to the terms and conditions.

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