Review for Evelyn Ullman by Robin L

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Evie is my go-to when I need a tenant for my rental unit. She has access to several platforms that streamline the advertising and screening process in ways I could never manage on my own. I know because I did it on my own for years!

Evie handles the stressful details that I used to leave to chance and instinct. She uses one platform that showcases tenants’ credit scores, applications, employment and housing history. It even includes a process that lets us sign the lease online. Another platform creates a slideshow of photos that I find dazzling.

Overall, Evie has great people skills, so I can trust her judgment. She just rented my unit for the second time and it literally took days, start to finish. Being a landlord can be very stressful, so I appreciate her handling this part of it with such skill and professionalism!

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