Review for Jamila Minnis by Kayla S

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After talking to a few agents in Portland, I was left confused about the home buying process and convinced it wasn’t for me. As a teacher with no down payment, others made me feel like I was wasting their time. Enter Jamis. In the middle of a wild market, Jamis came up with a solid Plan for the search, helping me feel like homebuying was not only a possibility but a tangible, exciting reality. She immediately put my partner and I at ease, responding promptly to all of our texts and emails, arranging all viewings and walkthroughs seamlessly, and forming a real connection with us through her award-winning and perfectly timed use of GIFs. Jamis made the process as painless as can be, complete with managing my choice to walk away from our first accepted offer and then what would ultimately become our complete disregard for the Plan. They saw our new house before we did, and on a Monday night insisted we come see it despite my protests that 8:30pm was too late. By the next afternoon we had an offer submitted, and somehow on Wednesday Jamis called to tell us the seller had accepted it. To be fair, I immediately burst into tears and had to hand my partner the phone, but I’m pretty sure there were some wet eyes on the other side, too. Kinda want to sell this house now just to work with Jamis again.. they’re THAT good.

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