Review for Jamila Minnis by David S

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Where to start with Jamis. We started a new family during a pandemic, a first in everyone’s lifetime, and Jamis steered us to a future that looked pretty cool. Within minutes of meeting Jamis, I felt comfortable and reassured. In an anxiety filled year (2020), it’s ironic that going to look at purchasing my first home was actually pretty relaxing. Trust me, that was all Jamis. Honestly, I didn’t have time not energy to be the ‘real estate student’ most of us thrive to be when buying a home. Lucky for me, Jamis was committed to learning more each day about the properties we viewed, policies in the city, lender preferences, etc. and then relaying that information and jargon back to us in a way we could understand. I’m not sure how reviews go, but our home is more than we could have asked for and more. Jamis, organically led us straight to where we were supposed to be. Thanks Jamis! With freedom & love. David, Nelly and Sundiata

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