Review for Jamila Minnis by Tobin C

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If you are looking for an agent who will walk barefooted on Legos for you, look no further. My partner and I were in the very early stages of looking for a home and looking for some guidance. Our friends had recently purchased their first home and could not stop singing the praises of Jamis. After a casual weekend of open house hopping, we stumbled upon our dream home. Completely unprepared, we reached out to Jamis, and they were immediately in it with us. Their knowledge of the local market, combined with their vast experience in home renovation, was a huge asset. They walked us through our house, giving us realistic feedback on potential issues and future projects. Unlike any other agent I had encountered, they rolled up their sleeves and stressed the importance of finding a house with good bones and not just a pretty facade. They genuinely cared that we were going into a sale prepared and informed and were not just looking for a commission. Jamis walked us through every step, every question, even when the nerves kicked in. We never imagined being able to buy a home as quickly as we did. Honestly, had it not been for Jamis, we would not be spending our days in our dream house.

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