Review for Jason Berger by Chris M

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Have to give Jason a 5-star recommendation, based solely on his experience, integrity and honesty. While looking to possibly purchase a property in Pompano Beach for my retirement, Jason alerted me to pitfalls and unknown expenses I would incur in the properties I had inquired about, and in the process kept me from making a huge financial decison I would later regret. My experience has been that real estate agents put making ‘the sale’ for the commission as their top priority, regardless of whether it is a good fit for that particular client. They are truly a dime a dozen. As Jason himself says : “I’d rather not make a sale and commission than to sell a property to a client they will not be happy living in or have buyer’s remorse.” If you need an honest and trustworthy agent to handle your real estate needs in the Pompano Beach area, I would highly recommend Jason, as he will make YOUR needs, satisfaction and happiness priority #1. A true diamond in the rough.

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