Review for Jennifer Plourde by Heather M

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The entire Plourde team is absolutely amazing. I originally spoke with Shannon who immediately understood my concerns about moving to a new state and how to make it happen. She put my soul at ease and set me up with Claire, who I cannot speak highly enough about. Moving halfway across the country is no easy feat and Claire was responsive, supportive, and was able to ease my anxiety every step of the way. Her sense of humor was great, and she quickly got an idea for the type of homes that fit my style so she was able to help me weed out the areas that didn’t fit my “vibe” between each visit to MN. Her expertise guided me through every step of the procedure to where I felt confident in my process. Even after the move, Claire and the entire Plourde team has been communicative and resourceful, making sure all my needs were met in this process and really making it so I felt like a part of the community. When it comes to needing a realty team in my future, I will definitely work with them again. I cannot recommend enough.

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