Review for Linda Faucett by Walter & Joseph F

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Working with another realtor, we had our home listed “For Sale’ while looking for another to buy in the Tampa Bay area. Our home sold before we could find what we were looking for even after in and out of fifty plus homes. Having to move out, we were in a bind and needed a place as soon as possible.

Thankfully that is when we met Linda Faucett. Not only did she sell homes she also had rental listings. Knowing we were on the spot to find a place she was able to put together a short term lease, so we could continue our home search. Our previous Realtor had informed us that she was going on vacation and would not be able to search for us for three weeks. We did what we had to do and that was to hire Linda on the same day she showed us the rental. Our lease was for six months and we thought that was plenty enough time to find another home.

Through out our search, we were guided with confidence that we could not find in our former Realtor. Linda being a “Florida Native”

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