Review for Mark Snow by Andrew A

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Mark Snow is a life saver! Not only did he help me sell my house located in New York, he simultaneously helped me buy a house in North Carolina which was, by no means, an easy process. Whenever I had any questions relating to either selling my house or the purchase of a new home, he was always very prompt and thorough in responding to any concern of mine. At any given moment if I were to find a house that I would be interested in taking a tour of, Mark would drop anything he was doing and have us go that same day and even made offers that same day if we felt it right. Mark was never absent during this entire process and I cannot express my gratitude enough. Not only was this a stressful time for me and my wife, we were also trying to deal with the big changes ahead and Mark was essential in helping with the transition with each process. He even went more above and beyond and made us some touching house-warming gifts to really make our new house feel like home. Thank you so much Mark for easing this stressful time in our lives, we owe you big time!

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