Review for Mark Snow by Matthew S

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A friend of mine recommended Mark, and very I became a team Mark fan. Coming from someone currently completing their residency where 70-80 hour weeks are not uncommon, Mark Snow still might be the hardest working person I know. He works days, nights, and weekends, and truthfully I’m not sure if he sleeps. He responds typically within minutes, often seconds, to any of his established clients. Truthfully I don’t even need to leave this review, because Mark’s work speaks for itself. Even among the toughest real estate buyer’s market Fayetteville, NC has seen in decades, Mark was still able to help me find the exact home I was looking for relatively quickly, in the price-range I wanted, and all doing it with a smile on his face. That said, Mark is extremely knowledgeable in regard to local services, and all of his recommendations for inspections, repairs, and banking were spot on; never once doubted anything he recommended. When looking at houses, I was able to search and augment the houses he had recommended, and able to tour nearly all of them within 12 to 24 hours, which crucial in the current housing market. He is very patient, and never pushy when it comes to choosing what home you want. He also has a great eye for picking out what repairs will likely be needed, even prior to inspection. Maybe most importantly, Mark knows what is needed to close on your dream home. He is constantly studying the market, and knows exactly how much to offer for the earnest, due diligence, and overall housing price. I have seen several of my friends lose out on their perfect home because they lacked an agent with Mark’s closing ability. Last, Mark is just a great guy who is pleasant to be around. He was patient with me and my father when looking for a home, and we truly enjoyed looking at houses with him. We will definitely stay friends, and I actively recommend him to anyone moving to the area.

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