Review for Mark Snow by Bridget B

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My husband and I have been working towards buying our first house for years, so I was nervous about not only the process, but being able to find something that I loved. Mark not only started working with me months in advance, but he was incredibly responsive to any emails, texts and calls that I sent, as well as was very patient with the MANY questions I had. He even explained things to me that I hadn’t thought of or didn’t know to ask. When we were finally ready to start looking, he was willing to work around our schedules, and went out of his way to find options that we may not have looked at with our limited ideas of what Fayetteville had to offer and what we could afford. He will crunch numbers and fight for you to get fair treatment and respect from all parties involved so that the buyer and seller both come out happy. I can’t express what a pleasure it was to work with him. I’m a bit of a control freak and I was able to trust him completely. Mark is the epitome of customer service and caring about his job and his clients. First-time homebuyers especially should seek him out for the best experience. Because of him, we found our absolute dream house that we are happily turning into our forever home.

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