Review for Michele Senitzer by Christina K

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I’d worked with competent and helpful realtors before, and had no previous complaints. But working with Michele revealed what you get when you’re working with not only someone supremely knowledgeable about the shape and rends in the Bay Area real estate market, but someone who invests the time to help you find *your* home, not just *a* home.

That’s the overview. Specifics? We were tough clients, maybe even a realtor’s nightmare — we wanted to buy, but weren’t in a hurry. We were picky; we wanted something with character, maybe even a bit of history. And especially relative to the Bay Area, we weren’t rolling in dough and able to buy just anything — we were looking at the bottom end of the single-family home market.

Michele worked with all of that, didn’t merely humor us, she took it as a challenge. We looked at a few homes. We retreated from shopping for a year to save money. We returned to active pursuit… and then she found it, before it was even on the market, literally sending us the message “I think I found your house” — because she had.

Inside of a month, we’d struck a remarkable deal and bought our dream home. We hope it’s our forever home, but if we ever have to enter the real estate market again, we’d go directly to Michele.

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