Review for Michele Senitzer by Erika N

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It has taken me waaaaay to long to write this review, but it just shows you how great Michele that is that I wanted to come back and make sure she got her 5 stars. We were buying in one of the trickiest times to buy (March/April 2022) and we were unfamiliar with the ins and outs of buying in the bay area. Michele was amazing at breaking things down for us to a super basic level so that we understood everything we needed to. We even ended up changing location to somewhere that was a bit outside of her area, but she did her research so that she could give us great advice. She stuck through and helped us keep our hopes up over the course of many many outbidding scenarios. But finally she helped us find a house that was an amazing deal and we still love it! She really listened to us about our needs, and our budget, and never pressured us into something that was beyond our needs and desires. But she was also realistic about what we could afford and let us know when we might be outbid, which was always kindly given and much appreciated. Also super queer and trans friendly. Couldn’t recommend enough!!

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