Review for Shannon Smith by David W

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Shannon Smith is truly a phenomenal real estate agent.
She guided us painlessly through the process. We will use her again in a heartbeat.What most buyers or sellers don’t realize is that your agent can make or break your deal. Oahu is a small place; most realtors know each other and judge a seller or buyer by the agent representing them.In our case, Shannon was a key reason we were able to score a major deal when our property had been listed on the market only for 3 days. The listing agent mentioned in her email that that the big reason she suggests the buyer to present with a full price in a timely manner not only because the renovations but also Shannon’s reputation. In addition, Shannon was honest, real and uber picky. She provided us her professional advices that greatly contributed to this quick sale. One of her advices we could not understand in the first place but later we found out she was absolutely right. Now we believe in her professionalism 100%. All in all, Shannon has a lot of integrity, and was always responsive and diligent. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to my friends but Shannon. She is the best of the best.

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